Friday, April 2, 2010

Destined to be Apart?

Have you ever had a great idea or prediction in your head, but you never told anyone about it? And then a few weeks later your prediction comes true, but now nobody will believe that you thought of it first? That’s me! The moment I saw Sawyer walk past that locked door on Widmore’s submarine during the episode “Recon” I thought to myself, “I bet Desmond is locked in that room. I bet Widmore had to use him to get back to the Island.” But I haven’t blogged in a while so I didn’t get to share my awesomeness with all of you and now, well, whatever. But I totally called that.

So as I was saying, I’ve been absent for a bit. I didn’t get a chance to talk about the fantastic buddy cop show with Sawyer and Miles that debuted in “Recon” (can we please make that into a spin-off?) or the mind-blowing mythology download we were given in “Ab Aeterno” (note: to all the people still complaining that they aren’t giving us any answers, they ARE giving us answers, lots of them, just maybe not the way you pictured it in your head). But I’m here now, so we can talk about “The Package,” the episode where Sun and Jin were finally reunited. Oh wait, that’s right, they weren’t reunited. In fact, they were moved further apart. BLURG! Seriously, what’s up with this? They’ve been doing everything possible to keep these two apart since season four; can we give it a rest already? I’m ready to wrap this thread up. Alas, I have a feeling the show is committed to dragging it out until the end or very nearly the end. And like their Island storyline, the Kwons’ storyline in the sideways world left us hanging too. What else happened in this episode? We got some nice “walk down memory lane” moments with Mikhail, Sun’s garden and Room 23. FLocke confronted Widmore face-to-face (as a diversion for Sayid’s covert op), we learned that Claire still kinda wants to kill Kate (and FLocke kinda really wants her to), and Jin finally got to see his daughter. This was the real emotional gut punch moment of the episode for me (you can’t help but think that Widmore was just using the pictures to manipulate Jin).

So where do we go from here? For all his personal growth, Jack is still over-promising. He promised Sun he would reunite her with Jin AND get them both off the Island, no matter what. Are you sure, dude? Maybe he should have said something like, “I’ll do whatever it takes to find Jin, but I can’t guarantee you what will happen after that.” Something along those lines. Oh well. The stakes for Jin and Desmond are extremely high. They are both separated from the one they love and they both have a child waiting for them back in the real world. If the show screws either one of them out of a happy ending, I think there will be rioting in the streets. As anxious as I am to see Sun and Jin reunited, I am equally anxious to see Ben and Widmore together again. The last time they confronted each other, they were equals of sorts contending with one another for control of the Island. Widmore is still driven and powerful. Ben is now pretty much neutered, a shell of the man he was before. And why is Widmore interested in identifying all of the pockets of electromagnetic energy on the Island? I do think this season is moving slower than I would like, but that’s been true of previous seasons too. We are now running downhill in the second half of this final season, and I think we’ll start to see the pace pick up a little faster from here on out. Did I miss anything big? What did you think?